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Becoming a Foster Parent

Orientations for potential foster parents will be available once a month, or and needed by participants, at the New Era office. These orientations will be held to assists potential foster parents with answers and/or concerns they might have regarding becoming foster parents for children and/or young adults. In addition, these orientations will provide potential foster parents with a checklist of certain requirement needed to become a foster parent. These requirements include: fingerprints and live scan/background check/criminal and child abuse clearances.

Before the certification process is completed, all potential foster parents are screened to determine minimal requirement eligibility.
  • Have you ever been certified as a foster parent before?
  • Are you 21 or over?
  • What county do you live in?
  • How many bedrooms do you have in your home?
  • How many adults and children live in your home?
  • Are you or the other prospective foster parent employed?
  • All adults 18 years or older that permanently reside in the home must have a finger print clearance and a child abuse clearance, would this be a problem?
  • Have you or any other adult (18 years or older that permanently live in the household) ever been arrested?
  • All adults living in the household that are 18 years or older must have a health screening and a T.B. test. Would this be a problem?

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