New Era FFA "A New Era In Life"


New Era FFA (Foster Family Agency) is a non-profit foster family agency organization. The purpose for New Ear is to provide foster children and young adults safe and loving foster care services in an empathic, trustworthy and thoughtful way by qualified and compassionate staff. Foster services are provided to children aged 0 – 18, but are also extended, thanks to Assembly Bill 12 (AB 12), to young adults (non-minor dependants) aged 18 – 21. In addition, New Era strives to promote safe, healthy and welcoming loving homes through well trained and devoted foster families.

New Era’s ultimate goal is reunification and/or permanency, and will do so by providing adequate support and case management planning via the treatment plan development. As well, New Era’s goal is to provide young adults (18 – 21) transition into adulthood by providing resources that promote independent living and connections with caring foster homes. New Era’s priority is to make sure that all young adults are provided with the tools and support needed for education, employment, and ultimately, independent living.

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September 15, 2012: Feeling Strong

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Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.
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